PennyTree Easter Bonanza; Save and Win Cool cash

It’s the Easter season and we know you’ve made plans for relaxation and/or celebration. You definitely deserve to celebrate because you have probably followed the lent season religiously and can’t wait to celebrate the symbol of freedom through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ or you have worked so hard this year and this period is really a good time to take a deserved break.

Whatever the case may be, how is your savings culture doing? Good? Better? Non-existent?

PennyTree is concerned about your savings culture and we aim to make it better. We won’t be holding back any trick in our playbook until you start a committed saving plan. For this very reason we are launching a PennyTree Easter Bonanza Promo today (14th April, 2022)

The PennyTree Easter Bonanza is open to existing and new users of the PennyTree app. Follow the following steps to participate

Download the PennyTree app from Playstore or App store,

Create an account

Set up either a Target Savings or Personal Vault Savings plan on PennyTree.

The Target Savings challenge is simple and easy to participate in. Set up a Target Savings plan of a minimum of ₦500 (Five Hundred Naira) daily for a minimum duration of 90 days

If you are participating in this savings challenge using the Personal vault feature — Lock a minimum of ₦45,000 (Forty Five Thousand Naira) in your Personal vault for a minimum duration of 90 days.

Your funds would be available in your Penn Wallet at the completion of the duration.

PS: Note that you need a debit card to set up a savings plan on PennyTree. You can use any debit card approved and issued by commercial banks operating in Nigeria.

Winners will be announced on the 28th of April.

Promo starts on the 14th of April and ends on the 20th of April, 2022.

PennyTree is here is promote the savings culture by providing more incentives for you to participate.

Download PennyTree today and start saving or visit our website @ You also earn an interest of up to 12%P.A.

Best of luck




We are a gamified digital lifestyle platform for seamlessness integration of financial wellness

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We are a gamified digital lifestyle platform for seamlessness integration of financial wellness

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