How To Get Verified on PennyTree

You are probably reading this because you found out that your activities are limited on PennyTree because you are not verified, that you have to get verified to join the PennyTree referral program which can earn you real money or that you must be verified to stand a chance to win any of our mouthwatering freebies.

Getting verified on PennyTree is important as it enables you to enjoy all the features on the platform. As a verified user, you also become eligible for our referral program where you can earn as much as N50,000 in 30 Days.

To become a verified PennyTree user, follow the checklist on your dashboard to;

Verify your email address

Add a debit card

And add a withdrawal account

Once you are verified, you become eligible to join the PennyTree referral program and enjoy other benefits.

Please contact support on 09030266439 or send an email to if you have any questions. We are also a chat away in app.


The PennyTree team



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